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6 min readSep 19, 2021

Fellow enthusiasts,
Thank you for the support you’ve always given to us for the past 3 months. We really appreciate this.
We are in the final stages of launching our new platform and would like you to assist us in testing the features before launch.

We are a hearing team and for that matter will take your suggestions into consideration when you make them.

Let’s delve into the testing right away 🚀🚀

The testing process will include:

1. Swapping
2. Liquidity
2. Staking with lp tokens to earn AMA.

Before you start,

1. Make sure you already have shasta testnet tokens. If you don’t have, kindly visit

Or just make a simple follow the account, https://twitter.com/TronTest2 on twitter and make this tweet:


2. For Tronlink extension users, change the network from the tronlink extension to shasta testnet.

image here.

3. For mobile users, go to My >>> settings >>> Network settings >>> Tab and select TRON shasta Testnet. Go back to Assets. You should see your Shasta testnet tokens(TRX)
images here

Note: Tronlink doesn’t show shasta testnet tokens for newly created test tokens apart from TRX so you won’t be able to see them in tronlink app.

You can see your tokens in tronscan instead: https://shasta.tronscan.org/?_ga=2.95347804.1186844690.1631745474-32801292.1617351719#/

Search your address in the shasta tronlink explorer and find all your testnet tokens. So for this testing, use the link above to verify if your swap has been successfully done. You will see the tokens in your token balance.

What to look out for

1. Swapping:
Before Swapping, you need one of the paired tokens.
We will test Ama/trx so you need either AMA or trx(shasta testnet) to swap

It is assumed that you all do not have AMA tokens so we have provided enough liquidity for you to swap TRX for AMA

Before proceeding, make sure you have logged in to tronlink extension or using the tronlink pro app in advanced feature and enabled the dapp browser. We will provide assistance in the telegram group so don’t worry if you cannot do this:


What to check
1. Check slippage tolerance:
Setting a high slippage tolerance can help transactions succeed, but you may not get such a good price. Use with caution.
Default value is set to 0.5%.

2. Transaction deadline:
Your transaction will revert if it is left confirming for longer than this time.
Default value is set to 3 minutes.

3. Speed of Approval button: Check for how fast the swap button, confirm swap window, approval/sign window appears.
Note: Once you click on approve or swap, do not click on it again. Wait for the approval window to appear. Clicking on it more than once will lead to multiple transactions.

4. Time it takes to complete the swap: Once you transaction starts confirming, wait for it to be successful. Do not perform any other transaction.

You can now go over and over again until everything is OK with you. Your suggestions are welcome.

Next Feature
2. Liquidity:

Now that you have used part of your TRX for AMA tokens, you have both of these tokens. This means it’s time to provide liquidity.

To provide liquidity and for our testing purposes, AMA/TRX pool, you need to have both AMA and TRX tokens which you already have.

Switch to liquidity from the swap page

Or better still, click on Liquidity from the Trading Menu

The liquidity page appears as below

Click on the add liquidity button.

For this testing, select AMA and TRX.

Enter the amount of AMA you want to supply to the liquidity pool.and it will automatically add the amount of tokens you need to add for the TRX pair.

Click on supply.

Sign the transaction and wait for it to confirm.

You can see your liquidity details from the liquidity page from now.

For the purpose of staking which is the 3rd feature, we are interested in the first detail, “Your Pool tokens”. This indicates your Liquidity provider(LP) tokens that will be used for staking. In the example above, the LP tokens are 7.67.

You can add more liquidity to increase your LP tokens or you can remove liquidity to get back your AMA and TRX into your wallet.
Note: When you provide liquidity, the amount of tokens you enter leave your wallet to the platform’s smart contract. You can get your tokens back by removing liquidity from the liquidity page.
Users who provide liquidity earn rewards on transaction fees.

Last Feature

3. LP staking is the last feature we will be testing but the most important and beneficial feature of the platform.
This is done by staking your LP tokens earned by providing liquidity on the platform in the liquidity pools.

For the purpose of this testing, we will use only ama/trx pool for the LP staking so if you’ve not added liquidity to ama/trx pool, kindly add liquidity to get some LP tokens.

To start with, click on the LP staking from the “Earn” menu.

Then click on “Active” to show all the Liquidity pools.

For the purpose of this testing, we will focus on AMA/TRX pool only.
Click on the AMA/TRX pool to expand. This will show you the details of the farm.

Use the stake button to stake your LP tokens to start earning AMA tokens as rewards.

Enter the amount of LP tokens you want to stake and click on the stake button once.
Wait for the tronlink approve and sign window to appear and sign the transaction.

After the transaction is confirmed, go back to the Lp staking page and click to expand the AMA/TRX pool. You will see your AMA rewards.

You can harvest the amount of AMA earned at any time.
When you harvest, your LP staking still continues so you continue to earn rewards.
You won’t see the LP tokens used for staking in your liquidity page. To see them, you have to unstake first.
This means that to remove liquidity when one is staking their LP tokens, they must first unstake before trying to remove the liquidity for such pool.
You can unstake any amount from the LP staking just as you can stake any amount of your LP tokens.

Keep testing these features. Your suggestions are welcome.
If you think you have suggestions or bugs, kindly fill this form below:


Video tutorials:
English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NCfQDN0IxA
Arabic: https://youtu.be/Tw-tAkJbSE4

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