Summary of Mrweb Finance AMA Session with CryptoTitans

If you missed the AMA session with CryptoTitan group on telegram, below is a recap of what went on.

Featured personalities were our COO, Emmanuel S. and our CMO, Dacosta Appiah.

Hesham Mohamed: Hello @rasjake , @Dacosta95. Welcome to Crypto Titan’s community ❤️

RasJake: Thank you @Hesham38 and the entire community members. It’s my pleasure to be here with you all.

Dac: Thanks. Happy to meet you all.

Hesham Mohamed: Shall we start ?

RasJake: Sure! 😊

Hesham Mohamed: Q1. Can you please introduce yourself as well as MrWeb Finance ?

RasJake: I am Emmanuel Sie, the chief operation officer of My area of expertise is blockchain analysis and crypto trading. I’ve worked with many crypto projects as a community manager as well. was introduce with the aim of making a simplified way of sharing revenue to everyone in the crypto space.

Hesham Mohamed: Q2 What are the advantages of Your project ?

RasJake: MrWeb Finance seeks to help new users avoid some common pitfalls DeFi investors encounter. For one, the platform runs on Tron’s blockchain, so it’s much cheaper to operate and far more scalable. For comparison, Ethereum can handle around 13 transactions per second (tps). Tron can handle 2000 tps.

Hesham Mohamed: Q3 please tell us about the goal you want to achieve on this year

RasJake: Our staking is live now @Dacosta95 can help with the link. We aim to have our dex site for swapping, farming and also our mobile wallet app completed by the end of this year. We are much concerned with the launch of our mobile wallet. Much effort is been laid here since most of our users like to have our products on a mobile app.

Dac : This is the link to our current staking site ( The old staking vault was full due to overwhelming subscription

Hesham Mohamed: Ok we are done on this session. Let’s go for Twitter questions

Q1 from @Cryptogirl179

How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand about your project?

RasJake: MrWeb is here for all. We are leaving no one behind. Aside our main telegram group in which conversations are mostly English, we have Arabic and Vietnamese communities as well. We also hire youtubers from different backgrounds to do reviews in other languages aside English. We hope to add more communities as the project grows and the number of investors increase.

Hesham Mohamed: Q2 from @BomBaBa08317280

Smart contracts are prone to bugs, How efficient and secure is your smart contract. Have you ever been audited through external parties, so we are sure that this project is safe and good for the future of investors?

RasJake: Yes you are right, most projects have suffered a great deal in the hands of hackers due to smart contract security issues. However, MrWeb has had an extensive audit of its smart contract by a third party Audit firm, QuillAudits. QuillAudits is a trusted and professional audit firm and so their audits are very reliable. Here is the report of our smart contract audit All smart contracts deployed by us will go through an extensive audit.

Hesham Mohamed: Q3 from @19rhagum

What are the key milestones on your roadmap — both things you have already achieved and things that we can look forward to? Any partnerships and short/long term technical milestones that you want to talk about or bring some attention to???

RasJake: That’s also a very good question 😊. There are so many great things that MrWeb seeks to bring on board. Currently, our only live product is our staking program.

Features yet to build on:

1. Swap Dex and farming site and launch of our v0 wallet app.

2. Lending program

3. Bridge for swap to different blockchains

4. Integration of AMA payment as a payment method on ecommerce sites.

5. Mrweb Virtual cards for temporary debit cards.

6. Mrweb Plastic cards

We are currently working on the swap dex site and mobile wallet for both android and iOS. v0 will be a simple wallet but will be loaded with a lot of features in v1.

We are working on many partnership deals but most of them will take effect after the launch of our swap dex site.

Hesham Mohamed: Q4 from @SherifK96476535

Can you give a brief overview for tokonomics and token supply? Would there be any form burns and buybacks? What does that aim to achieve for you and does it include any form scarcity paths such as stake, store, or burn?

RasJake: Good one. The value of a crypto is based on the demand and supply principle. Once supply is limited and demand is high, the value of the coin grows. In view of this, MrWeb has put measures in place to increase AMA’s value now and in the near future. About 80% of the $AMA tokens have been locked and vested for up to 2 years. Check our token lock Ann on medium for more info: We also offer a high staking rate which will motivate users to stake their AMA and ensure scarcity. $AMA will also have many use cases on the platform which will also drive demand for the coin.

Our Yet to come swap dex and farming site will help increase scarcity of the tokens thereby increasing the value of our cherished $AMA tokens.

We do not have any buyback plans but we may decide on that when the need arises.

Hesham Mohamed: Q5 from @Abdulla54080041

What real problem does your project tries to solve in real life and blockchain? how do you intent to increase the usecase of your project for sustainable growth?

RasJake: Thank you for this question. MrWeb.Finance seeks to bridge the gap between crypto and the real world through its AMA token.

The integration of $AMA tokens on its site and various e-commerce sites, the MrWeb Virtual cards and Plastic cards are all going to be used for real world transactions which many crypto users seek to have. In other words, you do not have to go through complex processes to spend your crypto — $AMA

Hesham Mohamed: We are done on Twitter session. Time for live chat questions :)

🚨 In this Session, we will unmute the chat for 180 seconds so everyone can send their Questions to participate in the AMA.

Question 1: Who are your targeted customers? South east asia is best for crypto adoption? Do you have any ambassador programme?

RasJake: We are in the space to serve everyone with no particular focus in one region but we help those regions that have much interest to better understand us. We have an ambassador program coming. Stay tuned for this

Question 2: What are the benefits of holding your token as long term investment? Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the your token in the long run??

Dac: MrWeb offers one of the highest staking rate in the DeFi space and we believe this will motivate users to buy and hold $AMA to enjoy the high staking rewards. Also $AMA is going to have so many use cases in the Mrweb Ecosystem so it’s value is going to increase and investors can make profit in the future.

Question 3: What is the role of tokens in the ecosystem? Where can people currently buy it? What is the functions of the tokens?

RasJake: $AMA is basically a utility token that will be the native token of our ecosystem. It will be integrated in all our products and the currency used in our virtual and Plastic cards, you can buy our token on justswap, bitmart and which will resume trading tomorrow. Another exchange is on its way to list us on the 10th of this month.

Question 4: Where can I buy your tokens right now what is your current contract and how can I buy them?Will you have any other DeFI feature like staking, yiekd farm or NFT in the future? Can share a little about your roadmap?

Dac: You can currently buy AMA on Bitmart and Justswap

Trading on was suspended to address some issues but will be resumed tomorrow.

And yes, our staking platform is live and our yield farming programs will also be live soon.

Question 5: We community always anticipates incentives programs from new project like this, Is there any incentive program for the community?Is there any technical issue or challenge you have faced before, can you tell us how you solve or overcome it?

RasJake: Our project revolves around giving incentives to our cherished users which is why we are among one of the best defi projects with high APR.

Dac: @rasjake I think we have exhausted our 5 questions now 😄

Hesham Mohamed: It was our pleasure to be here with us today @rasjake , @Dacosta95

Can you please share with us some useful links about $AMA ?

Dac: ➡️ Links and Resources:



Telegram Main:

Telegram ANN:




Youtubes videos:,