Solo Staking Live, Stake Your AMA and Earn More

We are pleased to announce to our community that the much-anticipated staking, Solo staking, is live.

As in our whitepaper, our community have 45% of the total supply of AMA to claim to participate in our defi programs.

Users can now stake their AMA for a selected period and earn more AMA for staking with us. With this form of staking, you do not need to add liquidity to our platform before staking.

What are the APY models?

Users can stake their AMA for 30, 60 or 90 days with APY 30%, 60% and 90%, respectively.

How to get started
Visit and connect your tronlink wallet to the website. If you are not logged in to tronlink wallet already, you must do so.

After a successful connection, your wallet address will be displayed on the staking page. In addition, you will also see your AMA balance.

Scroll to the APY models.

Enter the total amount of AMA you want to stake.

Select the number of days you want to lock your AMA for.

Click on approve and wait for the tronlink signing window to appear.

Do not click on this button many times. Instead, click on it once and wait for the next window to appear.

After successfully staking on the platform, the page will refresh and update your staking info.

The Dividends section displays the time left to claim your AMA and also the total AMA you will get on claiming.

Rules of the Solo Staking
1. Do not stake more than once when your staking period is not over. You will lose the first stake and rewards.

For instance, if you stake 100,000 AMA for 30 days, you must wait for the next 30 days before staking on the platform again.

Using other means to get into our staking with the same wallet when you have another one running will remove your rights to claim the previous stake.

Please stake with caution.

2. The minimum amount to stake is 100 AMA, and the maximum amount to stake is 1million AMA.

Staking your token for some time means locking your tokens until that time. You will not be able to unstake from the contract until that time.

Even though this program comes with high interests, there may be some risks involved in staking.

By joining our solo staking program, it is presumed that you did your research. We will not be liable for your loss in case you make a wrong transaction or multiple staking leading to only the last transaction counting.

We will do our best to safeguard investors’ funds, but in the event, your wallet is compromised, we are not responsible for any loss that may occur in this event.

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MrWeb Finance

MrWeb Finance

MrWeb Finance is a simplified and trusted Decentralized financial system for everyone. Join our chat:

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