Quick Guide to Mrweb SMart Wallet(AMA CASH Beta)

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5 min readFeb 10, 2022

About This App
Mrweb Finance brings to you a smart wallet which features all of Mrweb Finance’s products(sending and receiving crypto, staking, Trading, gift cards and virtual cards for online shoping) in one place.

The information below will guide you to use our beta version of AMA CASH app(There are no known bugs but we would be glad to know more from you as you use the app)

Getting Started
Things needed;
Valid email account, Google Authenticator app.
To begin using our Smart wallet, you will have to open an account with us. This can be done by visiting mrweb.app and clicking on the signup button. Make sure you fill in the sign up form with your correct info.

Email Verification
An email will be sent to your specified email address. If the mail does not arrive in a minute, check your spam box or resubmit if it is not in your spam box. Enter the OTP in the ENTER OPTION box and click on VERIFY to continue the registration.

After a successful account creation, you can now login to your AMA CASH account using the sign in button. Sign in with the details you used while signing up for the app.

Enabling Google 2FA
Upon your first login, you will be required to protect your account by activating google 2 factor authorisation.
Keep the key the appears save and open the authenticator app. Scan the QR-Code or if you cannot, code paste the key shown on the page by adding a new account in your authenticator app.
Please notice that you are responsible for keeping the keys save. In case of a device loss, it will be the only means to get access to your account again even if you remember your email and password.
Confirm that you have save and scanned the code. Enter the code that appears in the Google authenticator app and confirm it in the next page to be able to login to your account.

Every member can send, receive, Buy/Sell AMA and get access to our cards on

1. Send and Receive Crypto: Currently, only 3 cryptocurrencies are activated for this feature. AMA, BNB USDT all in BINANCE(Bep20) Please do not send TRC20 AMA or USDT to the receiving address. Never withdraw to TRC20 address as well. To receive any of the 3 cryptocurrencies, click on the receive button. A receiving address will be generated for you. copy it and send your tokens to it. Click on the Send button and follow the instruction when you want to withdraw your tokens to an external wallet address. please note that you must have BNB(BSC) in your wallet before you can withdraw any other tokens from your wallet.
You can always check your wallet balances by clicking on the wallet button at the bottom right side of the app.

2. Cards: The cards feature allows you to use your crypto to have access to virtual debit cards and gift cards. To comply with finance regulations, users must pass a know-your-customer(KYC) verification from our 3rd party partner(Veriff) first before being able to use this service.
To do this, Fill in your details as they appear on your identity card. Click on start verification and get verified.
After verification, you will be presented with our AMA CASH card page.

About AMA CASH Card
AMA CASH card is our in app card used to purchase available card such as Amazon gift card, Google play gift card, virtual debit card and many more. In other words, users cannot use the crypto balance directly to purchase Amazon, Google play, Debit and other online cards. They need to first deposit their AMA to AMA CASH card first for it to be converted to USD which can be then used to purchase these cards(Amazon, Google play, Debit and other online cards)

Things needed to activate your AMA CASH card
1) 25$ worth of AMA tokens in your Wallet
2) At least 0.01 BNB in your wallet

Fill in the form the appears if you meet the above requirements.

Upon clicking on the activate now, 25$ worth of AMA will be deducted from your AMA account balance.
You can now start funding(Deposit) your AMA CASH Card with AMA.

3. Shop: This feature lists all the available online cards(Amazon, Google play, Debit and other online cards) that can be purchased on AMA Cash app.

4. Wallet: The wallet button shows your available balances(AMA, BNB, USDT). Click on each of the to show the transaction details.

Note: The logout button can be found by using the main menu button in the middle.

Please keep in mind that this app is in beta version and for that matter, may not function at optimum expectation. Your input will help us fix bugs as we work tirelessly to release stable version of app.
Also keep in mind that this app will store your funds and for that matter, you should safely keep it from the reach of friends and any other person. Keep your email, password and 2fa backup details safe from people to avoid your account balance being swept in a matter of seconds. We will not be able to help you recover your funds in an event of a hack.

Web(Official): https://mrweb.finance
Telegram: https://t.me/mrwebfinance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrwebFinance
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Mrweb-finance-108394238009953
Medium: https://mrwebfi.medium.com/



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