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2 min readJul 11, 2021


We are pleased to announce to our cherished community that our second staking pool with the size of 4,005,202.734501 AMA is full. As we told you already, our rates were one of the best in the DeFi world, considering the performance of our token on exchanges. All those with APYs higher than our are either new tokens with little support or no value on the market.

Our airdrop distribution has also been completed, but you can contact any of the admins for assistance if you didn’t receive it. Please note that if you are not captured in our airdrop list on the spreadsheet, you won’t get paid. We have got some private messages asking us to pay them for joining our airdrop event late. We are not paying anyone who joined after we announced the end of the airdrop event.

As we promised, this will not be the last of our staking programs. Others will be launched soon, but we will have to give a resting period and prepare to launch our much-anticipated product (swap, farming, and token bridge) site, which is still under construction and expected to be ready for testing in a week’s time.

We would like to assure our community that we will continue building and giving them the best they want. All our activities are in line with our roadmap, so everyone should remain calm as we build one of the best ecosystems with everything needed to be incorporated.



✅The staking pool is full

✅Airdrop distribution is complete(but you can contact us if you didn’t receive your rewards


✅Ambassador Program(join and get a share of 10,000 AMA weekly. Best performer gets 25$ every week)


Swap, farming, and token bridge site


✅Payment integration

✅Smart wallet

✅virtual debit cards

✅Plastic debit cards








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