MRWEBFI to launch Swap and Farming Platform

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3 min readSep 22, 2021


Are you a crypto investor and ready to test the authentic and foolproof investment services of Mrweb Finance? If yes, then this is the right time.

After public testing of its swapping and farming platform, Mrweb Finance will officially launch its Swap and Farming platform on the 25th of September, 2021.

Mrweb Finance is already a trusted name for earning and gaining financial benefits from crypto and blockchain spaces.

Who is Mrweb Finance

Mrweb Finance(MrwebFi) is an innovative system that offers the new decentralized technology of financial investment. The mission of MrwebFi is to propose some of the highly rewarding staking and farming in the cryptocurrency market. It offers various services like swapping, farming, staking, liquidity mining, DeFi lending, trading bots, virtual and plastic cards, smart wallet, and token bridge. MrWeb Financial is striving to become the go-to platform in the blockchain market.

Why Us


The quality of our investment services exceeds the expectations of our investors that look out for excellence throughout the journey. Security and privacy are the utmost priority. We let you take over the process. We have combined a foolproof anti-fraud system with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and device authorization to ensure a safe investment experience on our platforms that require user safety and privacy. In addition, we chose decentralization over centralization to give users control of their funds.


The traditional methods of centralized investment have become too outdated nowadays. That’s why we have a team of experts who excel in doing smart blockchain business. They believe in applying artificial intelligence technology to investment and blockchain to accomplish a practical and affordable financial service.


Unlike other ecosystems, MrwebFi uses Tron’s blockchain to run the system that makes it much affordable for the user to access and operate it. You might be aware of the fact that Ethereum can run approximately 13 transactions in one second. But did you know that Tron’s blockchain can handle 2000 transactions per second which also costs less time? As you know, less time implies more scalability, which means a lower price.


We strive to become your reliable partner by accomplishing milestones of the roadmap before deadlines. No matter how many challenges we face, we deliver you the right product at the right time. Due to Tron’s low scalability, MrwebFi can meet the demands whenever needed by scaling up the transactions. We combine reliability with creativity and excellence to serve you the best investment service.

Features of the New Platform


The swap feature will be the main medium where users will be able to exchange one crypto asset for the other. We made the interface as friendly as possible to allow everyone to use the platform without prior knowledge of how to exchange crypto assets.


As a decentralized investment system, MrwebFi‘s new platform will provide enough liquidity pool where you can easily exchange your crypto assets. A liquidity pool is a collection of crypto assets that helps you in trading on Decentralized exchanges. Users who provide liquidity earn rewards from the platform’s trading fees.

LP Staking:

Users who provide liquidity do not just earn rewards on trading fees. They are also given Liquidity Provider tokens(LP tokens) which represents a share of the pool where one provides the liquidity.

On the new platform, one can stake their LP tokens and earn AMA tokens. These are additional rewards earned apart from getting rewards in trading fees on the platform.


The Swap platform to be launched by Mrwebfi enables one to access the exchange’s market where you can monitor transactions, their liquidity, price, and volume.


Mrweb Finance delivers an innovative solution to the crypto business and makes it more affordable and reliable. Its simple, automated, and secure interface is becoming one of the most popular ecosystems in the crypto circles. With that being said, MrWEB Financial’s Swap site will be a pinnacle of the easiest and most efficient swapping and farming platforms in blockchain technology. This will be a go-to platform for all kinds of established and beginner investors through its best rates and convenient staking system.

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