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2 min readDec 22, 2021

The presence of technology in our lives has provided us with a set of solutions, including solutions for increasing the velocity of social communication, achieving administrative transactions, and using electronic banks, among others.
Using a bank card was one of the solutions, but how many times people have been hesitant to use their cards online in their life? It’s entirely natural.
They are afraid because every day they heard about credit card hacking operations, so when they buy anything for $5 and are astonished by a message from the bank saying your card has been used to purchase hundreds of dollars. When the bank cancels the card and replaces it with a new one, the problem turns up.
From here Mr.web Finance was evolved.
To be the ultimate solution for electronic payments transactions.
Mrweb Finance has developed solutions for electronic payment systems that use the technology of encrypted digital currencies, Blockchain, in the most efficient, secure, and reasonable time frame possible.
Mr.web Finance steps in to solve this problem immediately through a special application that converts digital currency into a smart electronic card that is used for online payment only once and then expires.
This application is our Mrweb Smart Wallet .The most simple and secure crypto wallet.
It is a smart electronic payment gateway the simplest, safest, and most practical gateway to crypto & open financial products.
AMA coin holders will be offered a plastic master card
which can be used to withdraw and deposit money at any ATM worldwide.
The card expires within one year from the date of its issuance and can be renewed.



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