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5 min readJul 26, 2022

Mrweb Finance has officially stopped supporting V1 tokens. Henceforth, only V2 tokens will be used for our services.

V1 is Gone
V2 is In

We are also delighted to announce the start of the manual swapping of Mrweb Finance tokens from V1 to V2. All exchanges have suspended their services for AMA to prevent loss of funds during the token migration process.

Users who do not hold their AMA tokens on exchanges will be allowed to swap their AMA V1 to V2 ahead of time. This will allow for a smooth transition from the V1 to V2 tokens.

We, therefore, encourage all users who hold their AMA tokens in self-custody wallets to participate in this swap before exchanges resume their services for AMA tokens.

The exchanges will stop support for the V1 tokens when they resume their services for AMA. This means you will lose your V1 tokens if sent to exchanges without undergoing the swap for the V2 tokens.

How to swap AMA V1 to AMA V2 tokens.


  1. Metamask extension for PC users or Metamask mobile for mobile users
  2. Wallet holding the AMA V1 must have at least 0.005 BNB.
  3. Users must be logged in to their metamask wallet to get their wallets connected to the swap site.
  4. The network must be Binance Smart Chain Mainnet on metamask.


Before starting, make sure that you have successfully connected to the Swap site. It should look something like the one below:

Starting the swap

Visit our swap site, or our main site, and click on the swap tokens button.

Enter the total amount of AMA that you want to swap. Alternatively, you can use the MAX button to enter all available V1 that you have. This is recommended to prevent spending much during the migration process. But if for some reason, you want to test the swap, you can enter any amount of AMA you wish to swap.

Notice that we do not pay for the gas fees so the more you repeat these steps, the more you pay for gas fees.

  • On the swap page, enter your AMA V1 amount in the first field.
  • The corresponding V2 tokens will show in the next field
  • Click on the APPROVE button to approve the transaction.

After clicking on the APPROVE button, wait for the Metamask pop-up and confirm it.

Wait for the transaction to confirm. You can click on the transaction notification below the swap page to confirm the transaction.

Click on the CONFIRM SWAP button. Wait for the Metamask pop-up and confirm it.

Click on the transaction notification to track your transaction. After the network confirmation, your V2 tokens will arrive in your wallet.

Confirm from the transaction that the smart contract of the V2 tokens is 0xa77d560e34bd6a8d7265f754b4fcd65d9a8e5619

For those on mobile, you would have to make a few changes to the default metamask network and change to Binance Smart Chain.


Changing the network to BSC

Approve it and confirm the network switch.

To start the swap process, click on the menu icon and select Browser.

Please, Copy and paste our swap URL, into the URL bar. Click on “Go” or anything similar to open the swap page.

Follow the steps below to connect your wallet to the site.

Click on the menu icon to expand it.

You should see the CONNECT WALLET button. Click on it and confirm the connection to the site.

After a successful connection, you should see your wallet address and your AMA V1 balance.

For the next steps, follow the steps above to complete the swap.
That’s Enter the amount and approve then confirm the swap. Your V2 tokens should arrive in your wallet after confirmaton.

If you have any problems, contact us on our main telegram channel,

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