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2 min readMay 27, 2022

Mrweb Finance locks 80% of max Supply

Dear community, We thank you for your continuous support. We would like to inform you that we have locked 80% of the max supply. They are locked for 6 months as the board reviews the new token release reforms to prevent the influx of large quantities into circulation from affecting the price.

As we waited for the final approval of the token release reforms, it became necessary to lock the 80% of the max supply that will not be used any time soon to reduce the fear that the team will sell those quantities in the market.

Below are the lock contracts

  1. Team tokens:
    A total of 5,000,000,000 AMA, representing 10% of the max supply.
  2. Reserved tokens:
    A total of 5,010,000,000 AMA, representing 10.02% of the max supply.
  3. Marketing and partnerships tokens:
    A total of 7,485,000,000 AMA, representing 14.9700% of the max supply.
  4. Staking rewards and other incentives programs:
    A total of 22,508,000,000 AMA, representing 45.0160% of the max supply.

These locks represent a total of 80% of the max supply.

The remaining supply, represents token holders, MM funds and liquidity funds. We did not lock liquidity and MM funds to help us provide liquidity in our listed DEX and CEXes. Some of these funds have been distributed in safe multi-signature wallets to prevent the incidence of hacks.

We reassure the community that once again, we do not have any plans to sell any of those quantities on the secondary market to affect the price. We will continue to support the price even in this hard time and protect our investors always.

We will make an announcement when our release reforms are approved and the necessary changes will be made in the best interest of our investors. We will seek your opinions in the form of polls and voices to make a community-driven objective for our token release programs that are currently being considered.

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