Mrweb AMA to Stop Running on the Tron Network

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4 min readMay 21, 2022

Dear community, we appreciate your support, especially during this challenging time. The past weeks have been stressful for our team at Mrweb Finance Ltd and for sure our members have been saddened by the continuous fall in the price of AMA tokens. We went through issues which included AMA wallet hack, Stake wallet hack.

The extent of the hacks was so severe that most of the circulation supply got into the wrong hands which consequently affected the price of our tokens. Many efforts to support the price proved futile. We are still strong in protecting our token price but we need some measures to reduce the future risk of falling to the extent that we can no longer control. In due time, we will reveal to our community the recovery plans that we put in place during this hard time. We believe there are many bad actors that are behind this current drop in our market but we still stand strong in fighting for this project.

For security considerations, and based on the findings of the last several days following the initial attack on one of our wallets, we concluded the following:

We have decided to discontinue our reliance on the Tron network, and our token will exclusively be operated on the Binance network.

As a result, all Trc20 AMA token holders will have to convert their tokens to bep20 tokens. To make the process cost-effective, TRC20 AMA token holders will have to send their toTRC20 tokens to our TRC20 address with a note which includes their bep20 wallet address.

As a result, all Trc20 AMA tokens on the Tron network will be burned, and we will mint new ones on the Binance smart chain network with their Binance wallet address, to which we will transfer the funds.

This is among the many steps we will take to get the project back. The second and most essential stage will be to boost the maximum supply to 50 billion AMA in the next few days to be minted via the Binance network.

Note that all token holders on exchanges do not need to do anything to get their tokens. We will discuss with all our supported exchanges to convert the tokens automatically for you.

In this regard, TRC20 deposit and withdrawal will be suspended in the shortest possible time when agreements with all exchanges are met.

Simple Guide to Convert Your TRC20 AMA to BEP20 AMA.

1. Make sure you have a bep20 wallet address ready. Go to the tronlink pro app or the tronlink extension.

2. In either of them, navigate to AMA token and click on it. Click on send and then paste our contract address(TVocZFCRZ6tg8MqKCKXzZ9H2qSg29T75tK) as the receiver.

3. Click on next and then add your bep20 address where you want us to send your bep20 AMA as a note. Then add the amount. Click on max to send all your TRC20 AMA to our contract address.

On tronlink extension,

On Mobile,

We will send the same amount of TRC20 AMA you sent to us within 12 hours of sending to us.

Note: Sending other tokens to our contract address will make them lost forever. We will only send BEP20 AMA tokens to those who send TRC20 AMA


Mrweb AMA tokens will stop operations on Tron Network

TRC20 AMA holders will have to send their tokens to our TRC20 contract, TVocZFCRZ6tg8MqKCKXzZ9H2qSg29T75tK and add their BEP20 address as notes.

We will send exactly the same amount of AMA tokens sent to the AMA token contract. We won’t send tokens for sending any other tokens apart from AMA tokens so be cautious of what you send.

The process of sending bep20 AMA tokens will be made twice a day.

Tokens will be sent at 12 midnight and 12 noon everyday.

We will make a follow up announcement as soon as possible to make things clear to you all. Thank you once again for the support.



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