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2 min readOct 9, 2022


Warm greetings from Mrweb Finance team. We are glad to announce a program we developed over the past months.

Mrweb Finance is giving everyone in the crypto-verse an opportunity to earn rewards for doing mini tasks. The more tasks you do, the more you earn.

How does this program work?
You do tasks and earn Mrweb Finance Diamond(MFD).
These tokens can be swapped for Mrweb Finance tokens at any time.

Who are needed
1. Youtubers
2. Content creators(medium, steemit, hive, personal blogs, etc)
3. Social media users(All that you need is a social media account to start earning)
4. Graphic designers

To get started join the special group we created for this program,, install our AMA wallet app from playstore or appstore depending on your Os. Create an account and don’t forget to back up your mnemonic phrase.

For Android users:

For iPhone users:

To start earning Diamonds, click on the AMA Earn button and scroll down to Earn Diamonds. The tasks page will open.


Click on any of the categories available and check if there are tasks available in that category.

Note that it is mandatory to login to your social media accounts when you first click on each categories. Validation is automatic so failing to login will not count for any tasks that you do.

Mrweb Finance Diamonds(MFD) Swap
MFD/AMA trading pairs would be available on the AMA wallet app for users to exchange their MFD to AMA with one click.



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