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2 min readNov 6, 2021

We thank you all for the support you have given us till date. We have successfully started trading on pancancakeswap per your demand.

As you all know, it required a cross-chain bridge to make this dream come true. Our developers have done a lot of work on this but are yet to finish our bridge for all users to swap back and forth from TRC20 TO BEP20 TOKEN.

As part of our plans to always lock the majority of tokens that are not in use, we have locked the BEP20 AMA tokens to be in line with our lock schedule found in our white paper.

Find below, the details of our BEP20 AMA lock:

36,000,000 AMA of the remaining rewards tokens have been locked in accordance with our lock schedule.
Holding Account: 0x12a091934f3267badee7127c7379fd3a1420bf0b

10,000,000 AMA are locked as team tokens for a period of 2 years from the project launch.
Holding Account: 0xbb09022a60504848e8e24266fce754bd7908d999

10,000,000 AMA are locked as reserved funds for 2 years.
Holding Account: 0xe652ae8d70259439f98d32e3205955c954eff630

11,250.000 AMA are locked for marketing according to vesting schedule of 1.25M every 2 months.
Holding Account: 0x14f2b49700e3288a2cceba1cfeb52016fb461e52

This equals to a total of 67,250,000 AMA locked and controlled by Mrweb Finance Team.

As we wait our bridge to be fully functional, we have held an amount of 30,000,000 AMA tokens in our Team wallet to be used for the bridge at launch. This is just a temporary account holding the bridge tokens.
Holding Account: 0x3a0738b8c7522a9da31e225ef0b8e0896c976d37

1,000,000 AMA were distributed to flash sales and NFT participants

The rest 1.949M were used for liquidity.

All our BEP20 AMA will be always backed by TRC20 AMA.

We will update our community on telegram or twitter when the bridge is ready.

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