AMASWAP is Live with Over $2000000 Rewards for staking LP tokens

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5 min readSep 25, 2021


We, at MrwebFi, are beyond excited to launch our AmaSwap platform on this day, 25th September, 2021. AmaSwap is our Automated Market Maker product that we are going to introduce through our new venture. This is a step forward towards decentralized exchange functioning. AmaSwap enables users to control their yield, regulate their positions, and exchange assets through our user-friendly platform.

What do you Want in a DeFi Platform?

In blockchain business, users always want swapping, exchanges, and yield farming to be quick, convenient, and secure. If you are a beginner, the swap platform should be easily usable, secure, and reliable for you. Keeping that in mind, our experts have designed a robust Swap and Farming platform that is equipped with all the tools you will need for your financial investment.

What is AmaSwap?

AmaSwap features decentralized investment where you are in control of your assets. The platform is built on the tron network hence, only tron-based assets can be used on AmaSwap. Swapping is an instant means of trading cryptocurrencies within the wallets of blockchain users. AmaSwap is a blockchain ecosystem where you can swap your assets without leaving your blockchain wallet.

We have designed our website with a user-friendly interface. We have made it easy-to-use not only for experts but also for those who are not much familiar with the process of swapping and staking crypto assets. We have made the process of earning in the DeFi space very simple.

What to Look for on Awaswap Platform

Besides AMA, our Amaswap platform also allows you to swap and exchange different assets like TRX, USDT, NFT, SUN, and BTC.

If you do not have enough AMA, our platform gives you enough liquidity to easily swap other currencies for AMA. More tron-base assets will be added when the need arise.

Liquidity Pools determine the pricing of the assets traded on the platform. In order to provide liquidity, you need to have both tokens.

Providing liquidity is one of the ways to earn rewards on the platform. You earn a share of the transaction fees that are charged by the platform.

Add liquidity NOW or

Click here for our guide to how to use Amaswap.

Another way to earn from our platform is by participating in our farming. Users earn rewards for staking their LP tokens assigned to them.

Our method of farming is very flexible, you can stake any amount of the LP tokens you wish to stake and also unstake any amount at any time but this comes with a small fee. You can also claim your accrued rewards leaving your staked LP tokens untouched.

Per our tokenomics, users will be able to claim over 30.000.000 AMA through our farms. Our APY as usual, is among the best in the space.

Add liquidity NOW or

Click here for our guide to how to use Amaswap.

By using the Market tab, our platform also enables you to evaluate the value of different swap/exchange combinations, their volume, and transactions in the last 24 hours. To get more statistical information about a pair, click on the pair.

Other Things to Know Before Using the Platform

1. Slippage Tolerance

Slippage refers to the movement of the crypto price during the time of submission and execution. If it’s not high, trade may not go over. It is recommended not to use too high slippage tolerance. Use with caution. Default value is set to 0.5%.

2. Transaction Deadline

Your transaction will revert if it is left confirming for longer than this time.
Default value is set to 3 minutes.

3. Swap/Confirm/Approve/Stake Buttons

Once you click on any of these buttons, wait for the pop up to appear. Do not click on the buttons again and again. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing multiple exchanges. You must keep in mind that most of these need tronix(TRX) to be available to be used for energy(fees)

Why Trust Us

Since MrwebFi is already an authority in the blockchain business, its new swapping and staking website is definitely going to be a credible platform for users to exchange their cryptocurrencies and earn through trading fees and LP Staking(Farming). Though liquidity brings its own risks, AmaSwap[hypertext] is striving to ensure maximum benefits and rewards for its users.

You are in control of the funds that are in your wallet. Only our contracts can interact with these funds and we don’t have access to funds that are in the smart contracts.

To prevent scams and fraud, users will be allowed to trade only tokens added by us. This means, no one can add fake tokens to our platform to get people scammed. We will be also opened to new listing through a listing form and due diligence will be done before listing new tokens. We are here to stay!!!


Q: How much fees do I pay for a swap
A: You pay for the transaction fees and also trading fees that are used to incentivize liquidity providers. Trading fees appear on the swap page. You will see the fees before approving the transaction.

Q: Why is my transaction not confirming.
A: Wait for at least 3 minutes. Refresh the page and check your balance to see if the transaction was successful. If failed or didn’t occur, repeat the process.
Do also make sure you have enough TRX to pay for transaction fees.

Q: How much fees do I pay for staking/unstaking
A: You do not pay fees for staking, however, you pay a 2% fee for unstaking before the farming period ends.

Q: I cannot see my tokens after providing Liquidity
A: Yes, when you provide liquidity, those tokens you add leave your wallet to our smart contract. When you remove your liquidity, you get them back.

Q: I cannot see my liquidity again even though I have not withdrawn them
A: Please, refresh the page. If you have staked in a farm, unstake first from the farm. Check back from the liquidity page, your LP tokens should be available for removal.

Q: My swap has cancelled even though I have enough TRX for fees.
A: Check the setting menu from the swap page. You might have used a very low slippage tolerance or a short deadline. Trying using the default values if you changed them.

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