We are happy to announce to our cherished community that our first product on Mrweb Finance is LIVE at mrwebstaking.finance.

Users can now stake their AMA tokens for 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days and earn high APY of 7%, 17%, and 36% respectively.


Before you start,
1. Make sure you are logged in to tronlink extension.
2. You must have AMA in your wallet
3. You must have enough TRX to cover for your energy used for the transaction.

After this, follow this steps as in the image below:

  1. Enter the amount of AMA you want to stake.
  2. Select an APY model you want(30 days = 7% APY, 60 days = 17% APY, and 90 days = 36% APY)
  3. Click on Approve to approve the amount of tokens you want to stake and finally, confirm your staking transaction from the second tronlink pop up.
  4. Wait for the page to reload and verify your amount staked on the buttom right of the website.

You cannot claim your rewards until the chosen period has elapsed. For this reason, the claim button will not be active when clicked.

For staking from the mobile app, tronlink pro APP, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Tronlink pro app on mobile
  2. Go to Discover
  3. Past the staking link: https://www.mrwebstaking.finance/stake
  4. Input your staking amount
  5. Select your duration
  6. Confirm the transactions



This week has been a very busy week for the team in general. We are all doing our part to put things under control. We had many issues with XT exchange but we have been able to resolve majority of them with trading issues yet to be resolved.

As we seek to resolve all these, we are not sitting idle. We have contacted up to four exchanges to get us listed on their exchange platforms. The good news is that everything is going as expected. We are hoping to list on at least one of them within the shortest possible time. Very soon, we will announce this for our cherished community members.

Again, there has been an update to our website with our team members added as we promised you all. We also updated our white paper with some technical aspect that were required for a better understanding about our project.

We have also made an audit on our native tokens by QuillAudits. Full audit report can be found here>>>


  1. We are working on our second and third products(swap dex and farming platforms parallelly. Our Dev team is working hard to get us these platforms as soon as possible and also taking into consideration, the best available options in the space for our users.
  2. Expect more aggressive marketing campaigns coming up.
  3. Lending platform
  4. Bridge for swap to different blockchains
  5. AMA plastic debit card/ Virtual debit cards integration

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