AMA Listing on Mexc Exchange And More Updates

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4 min readMay 2, 2022

Last month was a fantastic one for everyone at Mrweb Finance. We thank you all for trusting and helping us to reach how far we are now. We will continue to work hard to accomplish our aims. Let’s get started with the updates we have for you.

Update Summary

  1. New Exchange Listing
  2. Staking Program Reforms
  3. AMA Wallet App, Mrweb Cold Wallet/Wallet Card and Shipment
  4. Verification tool

New Exchange Listing
We are thrilled to let our users know that we will be listing on one of the best exchanges in the crypto space, Mexc Global. You asked for new exchange and we gave it to you. The community is always at our heart so we take your demands seriously. Watch out for more surprises this year. This is just the beginning.

The listing didn’t just end there. Mexc will organize a Kickstarter event for all who vote for Mrweb, $AMA to be listed. Users will be rewarded for participating in this event so do not be left out. Seize this opportunity! In addition to this event, there is also a trading contest which will last for 5 days from the day of listing. Trade AMA/USDT pair and earn rewards in AMA tokens.

Staking Program Reforms
Since our launch, we have rewarded our community handsomely for staking their tokens. We will continue these generous staking programs until 45% of the total supply allocated for staking is used up.

To make sure that the rewards are not depleted at a faster rate, we will put up some measures as below;

Every month will have a new staking plan. We will announce this to the community before the month begins to have a fair knowledge.

Our current month, May has a staking plan of 425 days staking with a 120% APY. Next month will have a different plan so we urge you all to be ready for some changes in our next staking announcement later this month. Subscribe to our social media channels to be the first to know more about our new staking programs.

AMA Wallet App, Mrweb Cold Wallet/Wallet Card and Shipment

Mrweb Finance is trending in the crypto space for the major work done by the team. Firstly, it was a simple wallet app for storing crypto securely, then it was updated to a simple wallet app that has a range of features from DeFi to using it to make online payments through Amazon Gift cards, Google Play Gift cards, Virtual cards, and many more.

The AMA Wallet card(Wallet Card) by Mrweb Finance is a cold wallet that is designed to be used with AMA Wallet app to safeguard users against hacking and unauthorized access to one’s wallet. This card will have all the features of a MasterCard allowing you to withdraw from an ATM around the world.

What you need to know about AMA Wallet App and AMA Wallet Card

The AMA wallet app itself can be used for storing your crypto assets.

Using this approach to store your crypto does not guarantee you the features of a cold wallet.

The wallet card itself cannot be used unless paired with AMA wallet app.

You can safely import an old wallet from AMA wallet app to the Card Wallet or create a new account when using the card for the first time.

When your card is paired to AMA wallet app, you can now enjoy the full features of a cold wallet.

You would be required to scan and also enter your CVV code whenever you are sending a transaction.

Get AMA Wallet on PlayStore:

A more detailed article will be released at the time of the official launch of our wallet card.

Shipment of Wallet Cards
AMA Wallet cards are expected to start shipping later this week or early next week. Our devs are working hard to make everything ready by early next week. If you have not requested your card yet, do so by creating an account on AMA Cash app and requesting one.

Verification Tool for Verifying our Channels and officials of Mrweb Finance
To prevent fraud, Mrweb Finance has created an online tool to users verify the authenticity of any social media channels said to be affiliated with Mrweb Finance.

How to Use the Tool

Let’s use telegram for this guide.

Visit the verification page,
If a user claims to be an official of Mrweb Finance, click on their name to show you their profile. Copy the username of the person and paste it into the verification bar.
If the user is genuine, a text indicating this will be shown.

If it is a channel, click on the channel and copy and paste the channel link into the verification bar. If it is genuine, a test in green indicating it will be shown.



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